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Viburnums are evergreen deciduous shrubs with more than 150-175 species that is native to North America, Southeast Asia and Australia’s temperate regions. Viburnums have small umbrella-like flowers that are clustered together with colours ranging from white, creamy white pink. The flowers, which have a slight sweet fragrance with hints of vanilla, bloom from early spring to summer. The small round fruits vary in colour such as red, blue, black and purple depending on the Viburnum’s cultivars.
Viburnums have a growth rate of 30 to 60 centimetres per year. The shrub grows from 91 to 600 centimetres tall and 91 to 365 centimetres wide. The leaves, which have a leathery texture, have green to dark green colours and change to red or purple during autumn. This evergreen shrub prefers moist and slightly acidic soil– pH 5.5 to 6.5. They thrive in a sunny environment because it is a hardy shrub but still needs regular watering during summer.

Viburnum varieties

Viburnum Odoratissimum - Simply known as sweet viburnum or Japanese viburnum, this variety can grow between 180 to 240 centimetres tall. The leaves can grow to 15 centimetres long. Sweet viburnums have white flowers and red berries that turn black when fully ripe.
Viburnum Tinus - Viburnum tinus is also called Laurustinus that grows 180 to 240 centimetres tall but has less width than the sweet viburnum. This variety produces white flowers between January and April. Its fruits are metallic blue in colour.
Burkwood Viburnum- This variety is also known as snowball viburnum because of its large balled cluster of flowers. It grows 240 to 300 centimetres tall. This variety is native to Asia.
Korean Spice Viburnum - Korean Spice Viburnum or Viburnum carlesii has white or pink flowers with spiced fragrance. It is native to Japan and Korea. It grows 120 to 180 centimetres.
Nannyberry - Also known as viburnum lentago, Nannyberries can be eaten straight from the plant or can be cooked. This shrub has a sheep or goat smell that’s why it’s also known as sheepberry. It can grow between 420 to 487 centimetres.

Fast facts about

Plant type: Shrub
Common names: Viburnum
Native origins: North America, Southeast Asia, South America
Growth Rate: 30 to 60 centimetres per year Mature height and spread: 91 to 600 centimetres in height; 91 to 365 centimetres wide
Light: Full sun
Temperature: 5 to 27 degrees Celsius
Soil: Moist and well-drained
Maintenance: Low maintenance
Uses: Hedging, screening, ornamental, herbal medicine