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Spring Colours Nursery is a family-owned plant nursery in Sydney delivering high-quality plants and garden supplies to our clients for 30 years and counting. Located in the Dural neighbourhood, Spring Colours Nursery is well-known in the local community for our great range of stock and friendly service.

For all your home gardening needs, contact Spring Colours Nursery today or visit our store in Dural to browse our collection of indoor and outdoor plants!

Making the world a greener place one plant at a time

We grow and sell a wide range of plants including indoor and shade plants, succulents and cacti, groundcovers, climbers and hanging plants, and trees and shrubs. With a wide variety of hedging and screening plants, we are a one-stop-shop for all your landscaping needs!.

In addition to our beautiful nursery of plants and trees, we also stock an extensive range of garden supplies such as pots and planters to complete your gardening adventures.

Spring Colours Nursery supplies plants at wholesale prices to businesses in the trade including gardeners, landscapers and builders. Talk to us about your landscaping plans and we’ll send over a free quote!.

If you are in the market for a specific plant or tree that we don’t already have in stock, we are always happy to go the extra mile to source the greenery you are looking for.

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From our growing yard straight to your garden!

Locally and sustainably grown in Sydney, Spring Colours Nursery has helped countless plant-lovers in Sydney transform their houses into homes. We firmly believe that plants are the best way to create peaceful sanctuaries in all the spaces people occupy, whether that be your home, office or retail shop.

Plants not only look good but they have also been proven to have a positive effect on health, productivity and creativity. Filling your home and workspace with plants can improve the quality of the air you breathe, help you focus better, and even enhance your sleep at night.

Family-owned business with 30+ years of experience

Spring Colours Nursery is a family-owned plant nursery that is committed to delivering the highest-quality plants to our customers in Sydney at great prices. With more than 30 years of experience in growing and selling indoor and outdoor plants and trees, we can help you breathe new life into your home and garden!

Spring Colours Nursery is located in the beautiful neighbourhood of Dural about 40 minutes outside the centre of Sydney. Our retail space consists of a stunning garden centre as well as an on-site growing yard where we nurture our plants until they are ready to go to their new homes.

How to choose the best plants for your home in Sydney

Want to add a pop of colour and greenery to your home, but not sure which plants will work best in your space? Whether you were born with green fingers or you’re just getting started as a novice gardener, we can help you make informed decisions about the best plants to get for your home and garden in Sydney.

Secondly, research the best care conditions for your new plants. Consider the amount and frequency of watering needed along with other factors such as pruning, fertilising, repotting, and general maintenance. Luckily, we’ve got a ton of information and resources available on the Spring Colours Nursery blog to help you take care of all your new plants!

First up, decide where to place your plants. Since all plants have different light and temperature requirements, some plants are better suited for a cosy spot inside the house, while others are built to withstand harsh weather conditions outside. Most indoor plants flourish in low-light conditions with subtle, indirect light and moderate temperatures. Succulents and herbs, on the other hand, prefer warm, sunny conditions to grow to their full potential.

Affordable and convenient plant delivery services in Sydney

We offer quick, easy and affordable plant delivery in Sydney!

To order plants for delivery in Sydney, simply browse our online collection of plants and load your cart with all your dream plants. The checkout process is simple and convenient — just fill out your delivery details and complete the secure payment.

If you are located outside of Sydney, don’t despair. We can deliver plants outside the city, although this option depends on the type and size of the order. If you need plants delivered elsewhere in Australia, send us a message and we’ll see what we can do to help you liven up your home and garden!

Our plant delivery rates in Sydney are calculated according to the weight and volume of your order. Once you have added your desired items to your cart, the shipping calculator tool will provide you with an accurate shipping quote.

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